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Milton Court House

491 Steeles Ave. E.
Milton, Ontario L9T 1Y7

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Manager of Court Operations
Joseph Doria 905-693-3067
Supervisor Court Services
Shamin Jhooty 905-693-3070
Superior Court – Civil/Estates 905-878-7285 ext: 3412 Fax: 905-693-3038
Family Court Office 905-878-7285 ext: 3413 Fax: 905-693-3038
Supervisor Court Services
Rashmi Patel 905-693-3065

Small Claims/Enforcement Office 905-878-7285 ext: 3424 Fax: 905-693-3039
Criminal Office 905-878-7285 ext: 3428 Fax: 905-693-3032
Superior Court Trial Co-ordinator 905-693-3082 Fax: 905-864-4211
Superior Court Justices' Office 905-693-3081 Fax: 905-693-4206

Mr. Justice Charles C. Chang
Madam Justice Erika Chozik
Madam Justice Kendra D. Coats
Mr. Justice Clayton Conlan
Mr. Justice Marvin Kurz
Madam Justice Janet E. Mills

Ontario Court Trial Co-ordinator 905-864-4217 Fax: 905-864-4215
Ontario Court Justices' Office
Judicial Secretary 905-693-3091 Fax: 905-693-3033 Madam Justice Ann-Marie Calsavara
Madam Justice Jennifer Campitelli
Madam Justice Jennifer Crawford
Madam Justice Caroline Kim
Madam Justice Sonia Khemani
Mr. Justice Scott N. Latimer
Mr. Justice Allan Maclure
Mr. Justice Brian Puddington
Office of the Crown Attorney 905-878-7291 Fax: 905-693-3036 Charon Kerr, Crown Attorney
Assistant Crowns:
Harutyun Apel
Sean Bradley
Amanda Camara
Nick Chiera
James Coppolino
John Dibski
Kelli Frew
Arish Khoorshed
Monica MacKenzie
Maureen McGuigan
Lorna Muller
Erinn O'Marra
Emily Roda
Amy Stevenson
Mary Ward
Elise Quinn
Victoria Reid
Cases Management Office 905-878-1298 Fax: 905-693-3030
HRPS Court Bureau 905-878-6010 Fax: 905-878-6594
Legal Aid
Manager of Duty Counsel Services 905-864-8616
FLIC 905-878-7281 ext: 3447
LAO Bail Court Office 905-878-6878
John Howard Society 905-875-3537 Fax: 905-875-2246
Ontario Parole and Earned Release 905-693-9326 Fax: 905-693-3098
Mental Health Diversion
Wendy Goslin 905-864-1689
Head Office 905-693-4270 Fax: 905-693-9183
Probation 905-876-6034 Fax: 905-876-6036
Victim/Witness Assistance Program 905-878-6292 Fax: 905-693-4203
Provincial Offences Office

Milton Court Office

100 Nipissing Road, Unit # 2
Milton, Ontario L9T 5B2

905-876-2025 Fax: 905-876-0586

Burlington Court

2021 Plains Rd. E
Burlington, Ontario L7R 3M3

Burlington Court
Criminal/Small Claims 905-637-4125 Fax: 905-637-4183

Burlington Court Office

2051 Plains Road E.
Burlington, Ontario L7R 5A5

905-673-1274 Fax: 905-637-5919

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